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Joseph Kony has been abducting children and forcing them into his military for nearly 3 decades. In spite of all the corporations and social activist groups out there supporting the cause, I have decided that I wanted to go farther than re-posting comments and videos on facebook and twitter. I decided that I actually wanted to make a difference. After all, how much can awareness actually do?

Lets Do More Than The Average Person!

If people actually spent as much time as they did on facebook and twitter reading about kony, and actually took action to help support the cause, we may have already caught kony. Now obviously not everyone has the resources or knowledge to do such things. However, many of us do, with your help I would like to introduce a risk free donation process. I have collaborated with the worlds largest corporations and discussed with them a plan to help support the kony cause as well as benefit their business without actually involving money at all.

How Can I Donate If I Don’t Have Any Money?

These corporations have agreed to donate a small amount of money per lead that is generated through the links below. What does that mean you say? What that means is that if you fill out offers for gift cards and other various offers such as raffle contests and other things, the respective companies will donate towards the kony cause.

Why Would A Corporation Pay For My Opinion?

Great question. Corporations hire large marketing companies to obtain opinions from millions of people all over the world already. The catch is that these companies offer a service that will guarantee a very large amount of information that these corporations than use to plan out new marketing campaigns and invent or modify new products.

So What Do I Have To Do?

By participating in any of the offers below, you will help support the kony cause. All you have to do is fill out your email and your name and sometimes your address if you are expecting a gift card or other deal in the mail. We can do our part today. All we ask is for a small portion of your time to fill out these offers. No money or credit card is required.

Free Money Donations Below! Fill Out One Or Fill Out All

Support Kony 2012

Support Kony 2012

Thank You For Donating!